Sept. 2, 2020

Jonathan Ogurchak - Co-Founder & CEO, STACK

Jonathan Ogurchak - Co-Founder & CEO, STACK

with Allison K. Summers

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Sometimes we meet entrepreneurs who amaze us and Jonathan Ogurchak, the Co-founder and CEO of, is one of those people. Jonathan stepped away from a lucrative career as a pharmacist to build a platform that could transform the way #pharma business gets done, and he did so as a father of two children with one on the way and he literally started this great business in his garage (and here we must pause for quick salute to his wonderful wife).  

In this episode, we hear the #startup story of Stack, a compliance management software designed to simplify the “outside of the dispense” complexities associated with running successful pharmacy organizations; however, the principles and functions of the STACK information ecosystem principles can translate to multiple industries. 

Jonathan is also Managing Partner of Rhythm Group, a consulting and technology solutions organization, and is a Certified Consultant with Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). Jonathan has designed programs and services for both Accredo and PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy focusing on implementing innovative uses for technology, including high-touch pharmacist-driven programs focused on dosing efficiency, clinical monitoring of patient outcomes, and integrated patient engagement. He is on faculty for the Master of Pharmacy Business Administration (MPBA) program through the University of Pittsburgh, leading the Specialty Pharmacy Management curriculum. He currently serves on the editorial board for Specialty Pharmacy Times, holds CSP Certification through the Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board, and serves as an Educational Consultant for the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP). 

Jonathan is a disruptive entrepreneur you just may want to follow @stackpharmacy and connect with via LinkedIn:

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