Meet Your Host

Allison K. Summers is a global business expert with 30-plus years of experience on the international stage working with ground-breaking industry leaders across six continents. She is an executive advisor, speaker and international best-selling author who has built her reputation by delivering results for her companies and her clients. As the host of the Disruptive CEO Nation Podcast, she interviews company founders and cutting-edge thinkers on topics ranging from advancements in tech and transformations in supply chains, to social entrepreneurism and leading in the #futureofwork.

Check out her most recent book Building Your Brand: Make Business Happen in a Global Economy. Mixing practical advice with insider secrets, this book will challenge you to develop a strong business ecosystem centered around your brand promise. The wisdom held in these pages is punctuated with relevant stories and featured interviews from a select group of innovative CEOs and founders who have successfully navigated the journey from startup to sustained success.

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