July 14, 2021

EP 101 Christian Giordano, President & Co-Owner, Mancini Duffy

EP 101 Christian Giordano, President & Co-Owner, Mancini Duffy

with Allison K. Summers

Christian Giordano, Co-Owner of Mancini Duffy, is one of the most innovative and influential people in the architecture and design space today. Christian is revolutionizing the industry with Toolbelt, a patent-pending software that allows users to explore and manipulate 3D models collaboratively. It enables clients to put on VR goggles and stand in 3D models of their architectural projects and change plans in real-time. 

Christian has put Mancini Duffy, a 100-year-old company, into the forefront of design and is listed as one of Building Design + Construction’s “40 Under 40” for his leadership. He has also launched Design Lab, an incubator which brings together designers, technologists, and clients to leverage technologies like Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Drones, Generative Design, and Artificial Intelligence. 

Highlights of our conversation include:

·        Defining a new model of differentiation for customers using new technologies.

·        Eliminating the need or desire for flat drawings.

·        How the gamification of architectural design accelerates the understanding and consensus for client approval and sign off.

·        The power of finding great intrapreneurs to drive brand success.

·        Being a leader requires setting a vision for your brand.

Enjoy the show!

Connect with Christian:

Website:  https://www.manciniduffy.com

Website: https://thetoolbelt.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manciniduffy/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cdgiordano/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mancini_duffy/

Connect with Allison:

Website: allisonksummers.com

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