March 24, 2021

EP 85 Lars Ronning, Co-founder - Ailuna

EP 85 Lars Ronning, Co-founder - Ailuna

with Allison K. Summers

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Lars Ronning, Co-founder of Ailuna, has a personal mission to make more environmental-friendly choices to help save the planet. He also wants to create a community where people can help each other create long-term habits that contribute to healing the environment.

Lars has a long history of working in the tech space, working with teams from around the world. His unique approach to creating the Ailuna app calls upon an expert in behavioral science to help people create and keep habits.

The Ailuna app is being used by consumers in 50 countries. The vision for the app’s development is to encourage citizen engagement by businesses, schools, local governments and charities.

In our conversation, Lars discusses the development of the app including:

·        Building technology with a purpose.

·        The challenges of building and working with a remote team.

·        Citizen engagement technology-building a network of connections with common purpose.

·        How software and apps can use behavioral science to change personal habits.

·        The special meaning behind the name Ailuna.

Enjoy the show!

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