March 22, 2023

Episode 189: Ivan Anz, Founder CAPITANZ Family Office, Argentina & USA

Episode 189: Ivan Anz, Founder CAPITANZ Family Office, Argentina & USA
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Ivan Anz is an INC 500 Magazine-recognized international serial entrepreneur operating companies in 14 countries. Throughout his journey, Ivan has always viewed himself as the Chief Dream Officer considering hiring a solid CEO as his top priority for his companies. We invited him on as a guest because we admire his approach to leading teams and inspiring those around him.

Here are some highlights of our time together:

- Brands he has built, expanding from Argentina to the US and what it was to be one of the youngest individuals to found a family office.

- The CEO handles the creation of right now - or present activities, and the reason he needs to be the Chief Dream Officer creating the future aspects that do not exist yet.

- Why you need to be a leader who allows people the space to grow and how to get team members to take on ownership responsibilities to achieve better results.

- You can't grow if you live in the past, that you need to learn to let things go and being mad is expensive.

- Insights into what a family office is, how it operates and the value to managing assets.

- How his focus today is moving beyond wealth to well-being.

Ivan has been an entrepreneur since he was seven years old, selling candy to his friends in Argentina. As he grew older, he continued his business efforts. And his investments from real estate and his Toyota dealerships had impressive growth. But simply making money was not furthering his burning passion for building a better world.

In 2014, not speaking a word of English, he brought his passion for helping to America. His intention to help led him to the discovery of a unique approach to stabilize families in their own homes. And Philanthroinvesting was born. Philanthroinvestors now span the globe in 16 countries. 

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