March 18, 2020

Dr. Tiffany Jana – Founder of TMI Consulting

Dr. Tiffany Jana – Founder of TMI Consulting

with Dr. Tiffany Jana – Founder of TMI Consulting

In the future of work, culture will drive everything, and Dr Tiffany Jana will be there advising clients on how to optimize their workplace and community environments to benefit customers, stakeholders and staff. A lifelong diversity and inclusion expert, Dr. Jana is a proven business builder, highly sought-after speaker and prolific author whose latest book, Subtle Acts of Exclusion, is now available. We also will say she is one of the biggest bundles of energy we have ever met!

In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, Dr. Jana shares how she founded and built She is an expert on ‘interpersonal competencies’ and touches on the process to identify engagement gaps, human equity gaps and systems gaps. She discusses problems in the workplace, such as microagressions, that can kill teams. Dr Jana also insights into how she became an author and why being an author is good for your business.

Dr. Jana is the Founder of TMI Consulting and has helped orchestrate the firm’s tremendous growth over the past 17 years. This includes establishing a national network of consultants and spearheading the company’s transition into the world’s first Certified Benefit Corporation with a diversity and engagement focus. Dr. Jana has positioned TMI Consulting as the global leader in social enterprise, values-based engagement. As TMI's leader, Dr. Jana oversees the development of the firm's strategy, client relationships, and team. Dr. Jana also serves as a strategic advisor on client engagements, and has deep expertise in diversity and inclusion, marketing, leadership, and stakeholder engagement.

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