May 29, 2019



With Martin Vares

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Martin is a pure-bred engineer. He has had the interest from a very early age. All the preferred toys let him tinker with something. The only logical step was to study engineering at university. After his second year, he started working as a mechanical engineer for Estanc, a company specialised in pressure vessels.

After that, he went on to work at Nordic Gas Solutions. There he continued with pressure vessels and constructions as a mechanical engineer but also climber the industry ladder by taking care of production management and client/supplier communications.

It was there when it became very clear for Martin that some things are quite skewed in the industry. The ordering process was very clumsy and time-consuming. This planted the first seeds for making a change in the industry. After sharing some early thoughts with friends a family, the overall outline of Fractory started hatching.

From there, a team of 3 co-founders was established, some startup competitions won and the journey got started.

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