May 13, 2020

Farah Asemi – Founder of ecofleet

Farah Asemi – Founder of ecofleet

with Allison K. Summers

Join us as we head to the UK to discuss socially conscious business with Farah Asemi, founder of ecofleet, a sustainable mindful B to C logistics service using carbon-neutral electric cargo bikes and vehicles. In this episode we transverse topics of product development, white label service, warehousing in a city like London and management of a unique workforce. Currently, ecofleet riders do 12,000 laps of the world every year. But what we love oh so much is the branding – it is worth checking out.

We also cover the question of why enter the #greenbusiness space and Farah shares if the trigger moment when she knew there needed to be a call for change. When we caught up with Farah she was entering her first round of fundraising after starting the company with personal seed money and a government grant. We also cover the unique process to hire riders that will fulfill the mission in rain or shine – ok, this is London – so in rain or rain.

Prior to ‘cycling into action’, Farah had a successful career within property development and real estate. She trained as an interior architect at the Mount Vernon School of Design in Washington DC. And then specialized in the renovation of London apartments. Farah’s desire to improve living conditions continued with her focus turning to our environment, a cause which Farah has been passionate about all her life.

Connect with Farah on LinkedIn at and visit Instagram at theecofleet.

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