May 17, 2023

Episode 197: Phil Alves, CEO of DevSquad, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and Brazil

Episode 197: Phil Alves, CEO of DevSquad, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and Brazil
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DevSquad is a bootstrapped, profitable, ~90-person boutique consulting firm that specializes in strategizing, designing, and developing SaaS products. We build SaaS products for bootstrapper founders, VC-funded fast-growing startups, and big enterprises like ADP, Box, and the US ski team.

Here is some of what we touched on:

-Phil's journey from Brazil to the United States and how he has developed his team, their core values, and why simplicity is so important to them.

-The mindset difference between a founder and CEO and the beauty in founder thinking.

-Insights into lessons learned through rapid scaling.

-How Dev Squad seeks to reduce the chance of SaaS development horror stories and increase the odds of success and satisfaction for clients who build custom SaaS products. 

-The importance of their website in lead development and how relevant content is to inbound pull and then the story will help potential customers self-select that the fit is right for them.

-Technologies they are coding in today such as JavaScript and React and why sometimes the simplest technology is the best solution.

-How Phil balances stress with adventure as a pilot flying his own plane, cycling, and Brazilian jujitsu.

Phil Alves is a man on a mission: helping underdog SaaS founders compete against Big Tech. As the CEO and Principal Consultant at DevSquad, he’s led the build of over 100 SaaS products for bootstrapped founders and VC-funded startups alike, leading multiple clients to multi-million dollar exits along the way. Now, he’s paving the way for other up and coming SaaS founders by developing the strategies, tactics, and insights they need, earning a reputation as a leading expert on taking on tech giants… and winning.

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Twitter: @DisruptiveCEO  

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