May 10, 2023

Episode 196: David Harel, Co-Founder and CEO of CytoReason, Israel

Episode 196: David Harel, Co-Founder and CEO of CytoReason, Israel
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CytoReason is supporting some of the largest pharma companies and research institutes with their boldest attempts to improve people lives through improved clinical design and speeding the discovery of new life-saving drugs.

Using the knowledge the world has accumulated to intelligently augment clients’ data and to identify patterns within it and generate a system-level understanding of immunity. These patterns then become powerful tools for explaining, predicting and optimizing outcomes proving guidance in both drug discovery and clinical trials.

I spoke with David from his office in TelAviv and here is some of what we touched on:

- What it means to be the first cell-centered computational model for human disease.

- How CytoReason's massive database and AI-led platform supports the pharma and the biotech space to make decisions on what drug to give to what patients.

- It's not one company, it's not one person, it's not the brilliance of one researcher or one invention but rather a long, long, long chain of people, different people, different companies, different research institutions, different governments all contributing to bringing therapy to a patient somewhere in the world.

- Five of the world's top 10 pharma companies use CytoReason technology in order to manage their research and development.

- The why behind his personal drive to improve patient outcomes in healthcare.

- The early stages of getting the business off the ground and bootstrapping the company until they knew the exact value they could bring to the market and then scaling to 150 team members globally.

David Harel, co-founder and CEO of CytoReason, is a well-rounded business leader with proven strategic thinking and demonstrated execution in healthcare, technology and finance. He spent the first part of his career in private equity, focusing on strategy and financing of growth companies in industrial and healthcare IT markets. Prior to CytoReason, David served as the CEO of Virtual OfficeWare Healthcare Solutions. He is an expert at evaluating business models, creating targeted go-to-market plans and focusing on the right opportunities. David has excellent negotiation skills with the ability to close large contracts. David also has direct experience in P&L management, M&A, market evaluation, sales planning and financial analysis.

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