April 19, 2023

Episode 193: Jeffrey Klubeck, Founder and President Get A Klu, Inc. and author of The Integrity Game®️- San Diego, CA, USA

Episode 193: Jeffrey Klubeck, Founder and President Get A Klu, Inc. and author of The Integrity Game®️- San Diego, CA, USA
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Jeffrey is an engaging and brilliant executive coach who has knowledge that you and your teams need to know. Currently, he is motivating business leaders to evaluate the topic of integrity via his book and program The Integrity Game®️. Jeff is also serving as a Professor of Communications at San Diego State University where he is challenging emerging leaders to understand their values and how to carry and communicate them into the world.

Here are some highlights from our conversation:

- The motivation behind The Integrity Game®️ and why integrity isn't what everyone thinks it is.

- The importance of personal accountability and self-leadership and that The Integrity Game®️ was born in the land of personal accountability. 

- Why companies, their KPIs and the shareholders need teams to know how to operate within the framework of integrity for increased opportunity for success. And why leaders who get permission to lead achieve a higher level of employee engagement.

- The concept that there is never any traffic on the extra mile.

- The rise of the concept of individualism and 'the authentic self' affecting the workplace.

- Jeff's work in the university classroom and why he is passionate about impacting the mindsets of his students.

Jeffrey Klubeck, Author of The Integrity Game® which is evolving into a comprehensive soft skills development company. An upbeat and charismatic coach and consultant. He focuses on how to make businesses and entrepreneurs thrive while not losing a sense of what makes a company outstanding: leadership. Jeffrey is a successful author that has worked with small and big businesses.

Connect with Jeff:

Website: https://getaklu.net/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/getaklu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialcoachjeffrey/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/getaklu?lang=en 

Connect with Allison:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/allisonsummerschicago/ 

Website: DisruptiveCEONation.com

Twitter: @DisruptiveCEO  

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