March 29, 2023

Episode 190: Richard van der Blom, Founder and CEO of Just Connecting, Spain

Episode 190: Richard van der Blom, Founder and CEO of Just Connecting, Spain
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Richard van der Blom is on a mission to help sales and marketing teams leverage the world of LinkedIn for brand awareness, lead generation, thought leadership, and more. Personally, Richard has been a valuable member of my LinkedIn network for years and I thought it was about time that you got to know him as well.

Richard founded Just Connecting in 2009 in the Netherlands and today leads operations from Spain with an international team. Richard strongly believes that the sales environment is changing rapidly and requires a different approach and those that will win have a knowledge network to support them.

In this chat we touch on:

- The power of LinkedIn as the ultimate B2B tool.

- The ability of their team to deliver LinkedIn training in seven languages focusing on marketing, content and employee advocacy training.

- Why businesses need to stop playing numbers games of bad one-to-one pitching and optimize LinkedIn campaigns and ads.

_ Using content strategy on LinkedIn.

- His journey of building his company to multi-national status.

- The benefit of his monthly membership group and how it has served as an indispensable

Richard van der Blom is the Founder/CEO of Just Connecting HUB, an international operating agency providing Virtual & Social Selling LinkedIn training and consultancy. Since 2010 he has provided training and sessions for over 200,000 professionals and served more than 750 companies worldwide. Amongst his clients are companies like Nestlé, NetApp, InterSystems, Salesforce, TEVA, Philips and many more.

Just Connecting provides Social Selling strategy and training for (inter)national clients with a sales force of at least 15 representatives. With their B.E.S.T. Social Selling method they train sales representatives how to easily and quickly identify potential clients and how to generate leads. Amongst clients are ING Netherlands, Graydon, Nuance, Alliance Business Center Network, Randstad, Mövenpick Hotels and LinkedIn itself.

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