March 8, 2023

Episode 187: Natalie Ruiz, CEO of AnswerConnect - Portland, Orgeon

Episode 187: Natalie Ruiz, CEO of AnswerConnect - Portland, Orgeon

In honor of International Women's Day, we had the great privilege of speaking with Natalie Ruiz, CEO of AnswerConnect. Natalie is a business builder with a unique background. In fact, she started with her company as a temporary employee in an operation of 30 employees. In 2015, she assumed the role of CEO and today AnswerConnect has over 1,500 global employees who operate 24/7 365 days a year. 

Natalie is a big believer in the human spirit and in mentoring others to succeed. Her motto is "Leaving people and places better than I find them."

Here is some of what we covered in our conversation:

- The importance of human connections in a business world that leverages so much technology and her belief that business should strive to provide customers with the shortest distance between 'I have a problem' and 'my problem is solved' and her belief that it is still a human.

- Learning that there are many paths to success but it really comes down to grit, resiliency, and curiosity.

- The revolutionary leadership lesson she learned under the guise of, "What would you do differently as a manager if the team that you have right now was the team you were going to have forever?"

- Trying to follow other people's archetypes or narratives only to realize they do not serve you.

- The dream of 'hockey stick' growth but the challenges and cautionary tale that comes with such success.

- How they manage global training via an online university called Adaptview and then support success by partnering people up.

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