Jan. 25, 2023

Episode 181 Matt Orlic, Founder of Inspire Digital Group, Sydney, Australia and Zagreb, Croatia

Episode 181 Matt Orlic, Founder of Inspire Digital Group, Sydney, Australia and Zagreb, Croatia

with Matt Orlic

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We caught up with Matt Orlic, founder of Inspired Digital Group as he was working out of his Croatia location and the energy you see in the digital world rings true when you meet him in-person.

Matt Orlic is the founder of Inspire Brands Group, which creates and develops brands worldwide by designing and manufacturing products in several industries, including consumer electronics, sports equipment, toys, sports apparel, and more. His brands are distributed globally through mass retailers. He is also engaged in licensing agreements with some of the world's biggest brands, including Angry Birds, Liverpool FC, Manchester United and UMBRO.

Inspired Brands was born out of learning the tough lessons of business vulnerability and the need for diversification and growing expertise at social selling. Matt has had a hand in growing over 25 businesses and brands over the last 15 years.

His firm has placed over 46 million on ad spend that has yielded 270 million in return.

In this episode, we discussed:

-The need for marketers to focus on a single product with a single avatar at a single market awareness level.

-Insider tips on the changing aspect of Facebook ad placements and thoughts on other social channels as well – but why he believes the best thing you can do is jump in and learn.

-Why Matt sees himself as a business designer and why he is so excited about his current endeavors centered around high performance and the sporting world.

-Leadership lessons learned through good and tough times.

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