Jan. 4, 2023

Episode 178: Roger Krulak, Founder of FullStack Modular, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Episode 178: Roger Krulak, Founder of FullStack Modular, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Roger Krulak

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Roger Krulak has over 35 years of bringing innovation to the construction and development sides of the real estate business.

For twelve years, Roger served as SVP of Mixed Use and Residential Development at the Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC). During that time, he was responsible for entitling and planning over 1,000 residential apartment units integrated into many of FCRC’s retail projects.

In our conversation, we discussed:

- How Roger fell in love with modular construction and why he started his mission to be one of the global authorities on this form of urban development.

- Construction represents 13% of the global economy, but how we build needs to change

- How modular construction provides a high-quality product, delivers more predictability in the build time, is safer, uses less water, and reduces on-site time. 

- The role Roger plays as a consultant to the world as others seek out his expertise and guidance.

- The future vision for FullStack Modular in opening locations, franchises and strategic alliances.

In 2016, Roger formed FullStack Modular after assembling an investment group to purchase FC Modular’s IP and facilities from FCRC. Since its founding, FullStack Modular has established itself as a first mover in using advanced technologies for building design and using high-rise modular construction. Their current pipeline includes hundreds of thousands of buildable square feet for hospitality, multifamily, and student housing. Notable wins include the Grant Ave Municipal Lot RFP by New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)—an RFP specifically issued to support modular construction for the city’s affordable housing supply.  

Be sure to check out Roger’s links listed below.  Enjoy the show!

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