Dec. 21, 2022

Episode 176: Jennifer Smith, CEO of Scribe, San Francisco, CA

Episode 176: Jennifer Smith, CEO of Scribe, San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Smith

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If Jennifer Smith is right, the way anyone shares how-to knowledge is about to change forever. A former VC and McKinsey consultant turned accidental CEO, she interviewed more than 1,200 business leaders on a quest to understand everything there is to know about processes, best practices, and productivity. Now with her startup Scribe, she’s empowering people to own their processes by building the world’s first operating system for know-how.

In our conversation we touch on:

  • How Scribe has grown from inception in 2019 to be used by hundreds of thousands of organizations in nearly every country.
  • Why Scribe is so powerful. Research estimates that knowledge workers spend about 20% of their time just trying to figure out how to do their jobs. Scribe permits anyone to quickly make training materials and resource documents with little effort.
  • How the strategy of running painfully lean in the early years paid off until they were finally ready to run a $30M funding round - made more challenging as Jennifer was 8 months pregnant when the close of the round was announced.

Jennifer has a BA from Princeton in Economics and Finance and an MBA from Harvard. 

Be sure to check out Jennifer’s links listed below.  Enjoy the show!

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