Sept. 28, 2022

Episode 164 Steve Gallion, MedTrainer

Episode 164 Steve Gallion, MedTrainer

Steve Gallion, MedTrainer


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Episode 164

 Steve Gallion launched his second company, MedTrainer. His mission was to empower healthcare organizations through compliance automation. He is passionate about supporting all healthcare organizations, which have been put under enormous pressure and demands. With a 100% customer-inspired product, internal healthcare thought leaders, and custom curated content, MedTrainer set out with a mission to solve healthcare’s largest problems using a single platform.


Today MedTrainer has grown to become a respected market leader in the healthcare community. MedTrainer’s success is attributed to over 200 dedicated healthcare SaaS professionals who strive to provide the best experience to our customers every day. MedTrainer and its management team continue to invest every day in the success of our people, culture, and customers, with a focus on our core mission: Being the best compliance solution for every healthcare organization.

In our conversation, Steve Gallion explains:

-       How Steve got started with the concept of health care education?

-       The importance of finding the right talent for Steve's executive leadership team.

-       The next phase of growth for his company. 

Be sure to check out Steve’s listed below. Enjoy the show!

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