May 19, 2021

EP 93 Maia Monell, Co-founder, CMO Money App

EP 93 Maia Monell, Co-founder, CMO Money App

with Allison K. Summers

What if a financial app could help a user take the stress out of finances, by helping a user look at saving and spending habits from a holistic, health and wellness approach? Maia Monell is the Co-founder and CMO of Money App. It helps users track and improve financial habits, just as a fitness routine can help keep one healthy.

Maia and her co-founder, Erin Papworth, are taking a fresh approach to Fintech, making a relatable, trusted and approachable, money management app. They base the approach on behavioral science and support it with peer-to-peer learning.

Maia is devoted to closing wealth gaps perpetuated by a system not built for most Americans and is driven to make an impact in the lives of those less fortunate than herself.

There is so much to learn from Maia’s story and the approach to developing this app. In our conversation, we discussed:

·        The startup process as a female founder in the FinTech space.

·        Developing apps and being “top of phone.”

·        Launch and quick pivot strategies made because of the pandemic.

·        A delayed revenue strategy that actually added more users and strengthened the app’s features.

·        Extending the brand through partnerships.

Enjoy the show!

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