Nov. 25, 2020

EP 72 Oleksandr Kosovan – Founder & CEO of MacPaw, Founder of SetApp

EP 72 Oleksandr Kosovan – Founder & CEO of MacPaw, Founder of SetApp

with Allison K. Summers

From college student to world domination and all the tough work that takes place in-between, this is the story of Oleksandr Kosovan. For this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, we went to the Ukraine to speak with this tech-entrepreneur who has achieved what only others have dreamed of. As the creator of CleanMyMac, Oleksandr has witnessed his app pass the count of 4 million users, in fact, every 5th Mac on Earth has a MacPaw app installed on it and there is at least one MacPaw user in Antarctica.

Oleksandr shares his founder’s journey which began as a hobby project spending one year developing his first app over nights and weekends and once ready, he chose to allow open access to it. His journey is an amazing one that covers product development, distribution, customer feedback, and accelerated growth, all while bootstrapping his way to leading a 260-employee organization. We also discussed the careful balance of the life of an entrepreneur, starting a family, and giving back.

MacPaw is headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company develops and distributes software for macOS and iOS and is one of the biggest software developers on the Mac market. MacPaw's flagship app, CleanMyMac 3, cleans 614 TB of junk every day - two times the size of the Library of Congress. In 2017, MacPaw launched Setapp, the first subscription service for Mac apps.

Today, Oleksandr invests in the local IT field, providing funding and mentorship programs for young specialists. He has co-founded SMRK (, a venture capital fund with global reach. Though SMRK he has invested in world-famous projects like AJAX.Systems, Madberry, Amazing Hiring, and Allset. Connect with Loeksandr on LinkedIn at and visit

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