Feb. 16, 2022

EP 132: Ninh Tran, CEO and Co-Founder Snapbrillia, USA

EP 132: Ninh Tran, CEO and Co-Founder Snapbrillia, USA

Ninh Tran,

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Show Notes

Disruptive CEO Nation Podcast with Allison K. Summers

Episode 132 Ninh Tran, CEO and Co-Founder Snapbrillia, USA

Ninh Tran, CEO of Snapbillia, was born in Viet Nam, raised in the Czech Republic, traveled all over Europe, studied at Berkeley and now lives in King City, California. Ninh and his co-founders are on a mission to change the way people hire in tech, using their SaaS platform and taking advantage of its AI capabilities to mitigate systemic bias. 

The platform is an AI interviewing and assessment tool that speeds up hiring and embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workspace. The tool is called a hiring manager’s best friend and is aimed at helping engineering hiring managers, engineers, and interviewers, plus recruiters and recruiting leaders. The big goal is to make it easy to help a million people get a job in tech.

In our conversation, we discuss:

An overview of the platform and how it differs from other similar platforms.

The objective to bring humanity to business in all the ways Snapbrillia shows up and interacts with customers.

The concept of building something that gives a user an easy winning moment to build emotional attachment to their product’s solution.

Ninh’s experience as a three-time founder and the humility gained when a business doesn’t succeed.

The benefit of all founders engaging and being aligned in the mission full-time.

Enjoy the show!

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LinkedIn Company Profile:https://www.linkedin.com/company/snapbrillia/





Connect with Allison:

Website: allisonksummers.com

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