Aug. 25, 2021

EP 107 Marina Tran-Vu, Founder & CEO EQUO, Ho Chi Minh City

EP 107 Marina Tran-Vu, Founder &  CEO EQUO, Ho Chi Minh City

with Allison K. Summers

Marina Tran-Vu is an environmental super hero based in Viet Nam. She is the founder of EQUO, a company that creates better solutions for plastic and paper products. Marina has an incredible story of being a female founder, a Viet Nam TechStars and Shark Tank contestant, and a marketing expert who understands what it takes to innovate and bring eco-friendly products to market.

For over 10 years, Marina worked in brand management, including Unilever, Bacardi, LG Electronics and Spin Master. She is a recipient of the SME100 Fast Moving Companies Award, featured on FORBES, admitted as the first Vietnam-based company backed by TechStars, named to Vegpreneur’s 25 Vegan Companies You Need to Know, and is one of Flik’s 21 Women Entrepreneurs to watch in 2021. 

Our conversation covers a range of topics from Marina’s initial product idea to global execution, including:

·        The path to innovation, starting EQUO, and manufacturing opportunities in Viet Nam.

·        The Viet Nam TechStars and Shark Tank experiences.

·        Branding sustainable, eco-friendly products to be fun and attractive.

·        The responsibility of being a sole female founder and encouraging investors to support women.

·        Working in both the B2B and consumer markets.

·        Using experts in a variety of distribution channels to scale responsibly.

Enjoy the show!

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