March 17, 2021

EP 084 Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon Systems

EP 084 Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon Systems

with Allison K. Summers

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The fourth industrial revolution is the RPA, which stands for Robotic Process Automation. Leading the revolution is Harel Tayeb, a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years’ experience in the technology ecosystem, and CEO of Kryon, an enterprise automation software provider. Harel is leading Kryon’s aggressive growth strategy while building a world-class team of curious, innovative problem solvers. The company, based in Israel, has 10 offices worldwide and serves clients including HSBC, Allianz, AIG, Great Eastern in Asia-Pac, Wyndam Hotel and several Telcos.

Prior to joining Kryon, Tayeb was an investor and advisor at Plus Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing tech startups. He has held several leadership positions at AVG (acquired by Avast for $1.3B) and Como (CondulT Mobile), a mobile app platform.

The idea of RPA is to have virtual workers. These “workers” do the boring jobs so that employees can focus on more innovation, communication and creating things that are more impactful for the employer and organization.

In our conversation, Harel shared:

·        The growth of RPA and its role in Covid-19 vaccinations in Israel.

·        Encouraging RPA development with low code or no code interfaces.

·        The opportunities of the “citizen developer.”

·        The future of RPA and the workplace environment.

·        Leadership insight as an accomplished entrepreneur and company builder.

Harel also addressed the fears people may have when a new technology is introduced that might replace traditional workers. With his examples, people will easily see the advantages and new opportunities for RPA.

Enjoy the show!

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