March 4, 2020

David Broomhead - Co-founder & CEO of Trade Hounds

David Broomhead - Co-founder & CEO of Trade Hounds

with David Broomhead

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David Broomhead is the co-founder and CEO of Trade Hounds in Boston, a startup that’s created a mobile app and social network for America’s 13-million construction and trade workers, providing them an online forum to share their work and life experiences.

In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, learn how the team at Trade Hounds approached developing a platform to serve as a digital ‘Town Hall’ that lets construction workers, contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. connect with each other to discuss their jobs, new work opportunities, their families and work issues.

Broomhead grew up in a small, blue-collar town in Australia and at an early age gravitated towards the family construction business. Immigrating to the U.S., Broomhead was at Babson College earning his MBA, when he began engaging in conversations, research and development with both workers and employers to deliver what the market was missing.  

For more information visit or connect with David on LinkedIn at

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