Nov. 27, 2019

Dave Munson – Saddleback Leather

Dave Munson – Saddleback Leather

with Dave Munson

The phrase ‘purpose driven business’ can all too often be thrown around as a marketing strategy, however, Saddleback Leather was born out of purpose. It is a brand with a presence, a personality, good people and a passion for outstanding quality. 

This episode of Disruptive CEO Nation enjoys a conversation with company founder Dave Munson. He tells of the unlikely journey of how an appreciation for a well-made bag led to years of figuring out how to make it work, selling products out of his truck, selling on eBay, and ultimately building a robust ecommerce platform. This episode also covers the challenges that can come when building a factory and production line in Mexico and operating an operations and sales team out of the US all while trying to maintain as much of a virtual workforce as possible. 

Dave Munson leads with the belief that ‘competing on price is a race to the bottom’. Saddleback focuses on nothing less than top quality and products have a 100-year warranty – it’s why their tagline is whose tagline is,“They’ll fight over it when you’re dead”. But Dave is always quick to say, they are a people business cleverly disguised as leather bag business. Today, Saddleback is a wonderful success story where true brand fans, word of mouth marketing and some interesting videos allow Saddleback to support over 200 workers at their factory in Mexico (where daycare is free and a school has been started). 

Find out why Saddleback Leather is one of the Newsweek Best Online Shops of 2020 at or follow on Twitter @Saddlebackbags. Connect with Dave at

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