Sept. 16, 2020

Chris Locke - Partner & CEO UK and Europe at Rainmaking

Chris Locke - Partner & CEO UK and Europe at Rainmaking

with Allison K. Summers

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Chris Locke is an innovative business growth and start up expert who has a legacy of working with corporates and individuals to build powerful, sustainable, and socially minded organizations. But aside from being a wealth of knowledge, we love the ease at which he approaches his conversations and clients – it makes him a pleasure to know.


In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, we talk with Chris about the current economic environment, evolving business models, opportunities, rapid shifts in customer bases, and the tenants for a successful business. Chris share case studies (Nokia), data (the average age of successful entrepreneurs is 45) and talks about businesses focused on solving problems and delivering positive impact under the UN Sustainable Development Goals (check out their SDG Compass program).


At Rainmaking, Chris and his team work with corporates by implementing a systemic approach to driving innovation and developing new business models to unlock future growth. Under the ASPIRE program, the Rainmaking team has an ambitious goal to help individuals displaced by redundancies and reductions to be gain the knowledge they need to launch their own companies. Since 2006, Rainmaking has helped scale and build over 900 tech companies and hundreds of other companies across a variety of sectors. Prior to Rainmaking, Chris led Pearson's award-winning Global Innovation Team, leading the company through its transition from print to digital. He also founded Startup Republic, a UK focused edtech company, which enabled students to unleash entrepreneurship and build startups whilst studying.

Connect with Chris Locke on Twitter @clocke78 and LinekdIn:

To learn more about ASPIRE and Startupbootcamp visit


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