April 3, 2019



With Dean Grey

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Mr. Dean Grey has over 20 years of experience in The Science of Engagement. He is recognized globally as one of the leading experts in community-building for lifestyle brands.

Throughout his career, he has kept his finger on the pulse of the future – Because of this, he created several technology-focused organizations that facilitate change on a global scale.

Dean's sense of humor, pattern recognition, and ability to connect on a personal level with global audiences opened some large and rare doors at a young age as a futurist.

After a decade of flying around the world developing , and leading communities 3-4 times a week, Mr. Grey developed a global community of 35 million followers.

Dean documented 300-plus interviews with world influencers, coaches, military, pastors, and game designers in search of a solution to the rise of third party platforms who were Gamifying, Monetizing, and Owning their global communities.

Dean recognized platforms would become the massive disruptors in today's world, and set out on a mission to humanize technology through the application of The Science of Engagement – making the shift from the age of information into the age of transformation.

Dean launched Skylab, a game changing platform that serves as a living ecosystem that creates the conditions that engage users to take inspired actions. This results in sustainable engagement for brands, influencers, and communities.

In addition to being the Founder and CEO of Skylab Apps, Mr. Grey founded and exited successfully three other entrepreneur enabling technology based companies. He has traveled and presented to massive audiences in over 18 different countries!

However for those who truly know Mr. Grey ... he is an artist and entertainer at heart who is masquerading as a entrepreneur

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