Jan. 30, 2019



With Or Goldschmidt

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Or grew up in a humble Israeli family. His mother was an elementary school science teacher, and his father a travel agent. At the age of 21, Or found himself at a crossroads, either pursue a degree or find a job. He knew that attending college would be a financial strain on his family and felt that the employment opportunities available to him were disappointing, so he took a leap of faith and decided to move to NY to follow his dream of becoming a real estate mogul.

Or began his career working for a small boutique rental agency. His job was to lease apartments to young professionals and students. Being a quick learner, it took him merely a year of working in the field to confidently start his own business. He began leveraging residential properties and offering them as alternative accommodations for tourists. This way lodgers could avoid steep hotel bills and save money when they travel. While business was booming, and his company was growing fast, Or, still eager to learn more about real estate, took the next logical step in his career and joined GFI, a commercial real estate brokerage.

Not long after joining GFI, he had an idea he believed would fundamentally change the way people live. In his own life, he had moved between 7 apartments in just 6 years and describes the experience as needlessly stressful and expensive. Or's vision was to provide end-users with turn-key apartments, and to constantly improve the user experience by integrating user information. This way, renters would save both money and time while enjoying a more flexible, user-friendly, living environment.

Or believed so strongly in the success of this venture, that in April 2017 he decided to invest all his life savings into it. He worked on improving the concept for almost 6 months before embarking on his first Friends & Family investment round. Following his best friend's advice, he named the company Roomrs.

Today, Roomrs is a well-known real estate co-living operator which manages more than 400 rooms across 40 buildings. The team quickly grew from 3 people into a 25 people operation. Recently, it secured a seed round of 2.5M.

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