Nov. 12, 2019

Mike Morris - Topcoder

Mike Morris - Topcoder

featuring Mike Morris

What does it take to build a business driven by 1.5M+ design, development and data science experts from every country in the world? In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, we feature the business story of Mike Morris and how his team developed the world’s largest technology network and on-demand digital talent platform. Transparent about key learnings over seventeen years of preparation, scaling, acquisition and dedication to measurement, Mike provides honest insight into his world and that of the talented individuals who are a part of Topcoder’s global community.

A gig economy expert, Mike speaks worldwide about cultivating a passionate workforce to drive the transformative nature of digital innovation across every industry imaginable. He believes that when workers have better experiences that businesses have better results and he is an advocate for women in STEM. An active Boston College alumnus; guest lecturer at institutions like Harvard University, MIT, New York University and University of California Berkeley; and an engineer at heart, Mike continues to lead the open workforce revolution by empowering organizations with limitless software development possibilities and unprecedented access to Topcoder’s talented multinational technologists.

Mike Morris is the CEO of and Global Head of Crowdsourcing for IT-services leader Wipro. Second only to his commitment to family—and perhaps waterskiing—Mike has served in leadership roles at Topcoder since 2002. Previously a GM|SVP at Appiro, Mike led its crowdsource offering (Cloudspokes) through the acquisition of Topcoder, and then managed customer, sales and services teams to solidify the Topcoder brand as the largest open workforce provider in the world. He was an integral part of Topcoder becoming a Wipro company through the acquisition of Appirio in 2016. Connect to Mike on Twitter @topcoder @mpmorris36 and via #LinkedIn

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