May 27, 2020

Julian Fisher - Founder & CEO of jisp

Julian Fisher - Founder & CEO of jisp

with Allison K. Summers

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Julian Fisher is the founder and CEO of jisp, a lifestyle app that digitizes products and experiences to bring the best of online into physical spaces offering digital baskets, gamification, and the ability to tap product labels and have instant information. In this episode Julian shares insight into his entrepreneurial journey, growing companies, and product development in the digital space.

What we appreciate about Julian (aside from the smile in his voice) is the rich history (and frankly love story) he has with technology which is rooted in his launching the UK’s first internet exhibition in 1994. Since then his work has remained inexorably linked to technology, improving sales and payments, and tackling compliance issues for a wide group of blue-chip companies. Today, the jisp solution serves many of the UK’s biggest and well-known stores such as JD Sports, H&M, Topman, Whittard of Chelsea, Crew Clothing and Yankee Candle.

You can connect to Julian through or on LinkedIn Or follow in social media @jispapp

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