June 13, 2018

Growth Catalyst

Growth Catalyst

With Kurt Uhlir

Kurt Uhlir is a growth catalyst - generating over $10 billion in value for investors and clients, with a personal mission to help grow the new generation of passionate leaders.

Kurt's recognized track record as a successful serial (and parallel) entrepreneur, investor and strategic advisor allows him to help spectacular companies reach their next stage of growth. He is known for building and operating businesses from start-up to over $500M annual revenue, building teams across six continents, an IPO ($880M) and multiple acquisitions.

Kurt has particular expertise in driving product experience and technology vision, increasing the customer base while lowering acquisition cost, reducing monthly churn, and increasing ARPU and lifetime value. He is the lead inventor of disruptive technologies in 4 industries, including being recognized by leading publications such as TechCrunch for three foundational patents covering Waze, check-in/location services (e.g. Foursquare, Facebook, etc.), and location-based advertising. In addition, Kurt co-founded Sideqik - one of the first influencer marketing platforms.

As a Keynote Speaker, Kurt has spoken to thousands of people at both private and public events. He speaks all over the world at conferences, corporate retreats, and professional associations on topics such as "Thriving in the Age of Industry Disruption and Technology", "Increasing Your Cadence as an Entrepreneur", "Thriving in the Influence Economy", Influencer Marketing, Autonomous Vehicles and more. Conferences consistently rank him in the top 10% of all speakers.

Toss in a history of dozens of outside and internal startups/skunkworks, some fun outside hobbies and a strong bent for serving to know more of why he jumps out of bed every morning.

After taking 18 months on sabbatical, Kurt is actively working with a number of high-growth companies and organizations. You can read more about his journey at kurtuhlir.com

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