Nov. 28, 2018



With Annie Eaton

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Annie Eaton is the CEO of Atlanta-based future technologies company Futurus, where she creates immersive, engaging and interactive experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° capture. Annie earned her degree from The Georgia Institute of Technology in 2010. In 2014, she created XR Atlanta, which now boasts over 1,100 active members. Annie is involved with GeorgiaVR, Women in XR Atlanta, and is a re:imagine/ATL Alliance member. She currently serves as an advisor to the TAG Digital Media and Entertainment society and is a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council. Earlier this year, Annie received the Women in IT Rising Star award and was named the Technology Association of Georgia Young Professionals’ 2017 Technologist of the Year. Annie has vast public speaking experience, having been invited as a speaker to engagements including General Assembly, Georgia State University, Hospitality Executive Exchange, Talk NYC, Federal Reserve, OrlandoiX, FutureX Live and Atlanta Tech Edge.

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