May 24, 2023

Episode 198: Sharekh Shaikh, Founder of CleverX, San Francisco, Dubai, and Singapore

Episode 198: Sharekh Shaikh, Founder of CleverX, San Francisco, Dubai, and Singapore
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Did you know that in the US alone, almost 55 billion is spent on conducting online surveys, and another 10 billion on conducting product research interviews? And do you know if all that data gathered is trustworthy? Well, Sharekh Shaikh founded CleverX on a mission to not only make it easier for marketers and researchers to reach the right audiences, but to also make sure that the data is reliable to count on for business decisions and strategic planning.

CleveX is a platform that powers market research teams by providing them with access to the tools and the hardest-to-reach commercial audiences. The company's platform allows users to build a network with business professionals and fellow entrepreneurs via video calls, enabling entrepreneurs to avail expert advice and grow their businesses. CleverX is building the next generation of work collaboration platform, where you can collaborate with >20K senior professionals ranging from the world’s leading companies like Apple, McKinsey, NASA to founders of exciting startups.

We caught up with Sharekh at his office in San Francisco, CA, USA, and here is what we discussed:

-      His business adventures from his start in India to professionals stops in Dubai and Singapore before landing in the US.

-  Why it was so important to him that CleverX be a product-centric company built with the goal of solving massive problems in the research industry.

-  That while billions are being spent on the survey industry, when you look at the online survey market it has 40% fraud data. That means that for everyone hundred dollars of spend on an online survey project, $40 traditionally has been a waste.

-   How the CleverX platform resolves unreliable data by gathering a professional network with 10,000 users on the platform and so companies have the ability to connect their research tools to this incredible verified audience.

-    And a discussion on AI trends and if AI can ever replace authentic market research - surprise, Sharekh's answer is no.

Sharek Shaikh founded CleverX in 2020 so that the world's leading research teams could access hard-to-reach-business audiences and amazing research tools, all in one place. Prior to that Sharek was a Government and Public Sector Manager at Gartner UAE, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company. Other professional stops included time with Columbus Global, Sonata Software, and Nokia Siemens Networks. Today Sharek is on a mission to place expert contacts directly into the hands of the businesses who need their expertise and insights.

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