April 12, 2023

Episode 192: Maxwell Nee, Managing partner of Oeno, Wine and Whiskey Investment and Chairman of Family Office Association of Australia

Episode 192: Maxwell Nee, Managing partner of Oeno, Wine and Whiskey Investment and Chairman of Family Office Association of Australia
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Maxwell Nee's journey began with a burning desire for freedom, experiences, and meaningful relationships. As a young professional climbing the corporate ladder, he found himself feeling unfulfilled and unhappy, despite his impressive achievements. Maxwell realized that the path laid before him in the corporate world did not align with his core values, leading him to make a bold decision to quit his job and pursue a more fulfilling life. It wasn't easy – Maxwell had to sell personal belongings, sleep on couches, and live frugally – but this challenging period taught him the value of persistence and determination.

Through sheer hard work and a keen eye for unique opportunities, Maxwell eventually found success in the world of coaching and business development. Now, as the managing partner of Ono Wine and Whiskey Investment, Maxwell continues to embrace a growth mindset, pursuing new and exciting ventures while cherishing the simple joys of life.

While Maxwell is originally from Australia, he's worked in places like Mexico, Chicago, Miami, Copenhagen, and we caught up with him in Barcelona. Here are highlights from our conversation:

- The trigger point when he walked away from banking and sought a life of self-determination which included co-founding High-Performing Coach Ltd., a company which grew 300% in the first five months of the pandemic to a staff of 35 covering the world.

- Why a leader must know their personal core values, and with entrepreneurs growth must be one of the three or it will not work out.

- The why behind his belief in the value of the Ono Wine and Whiskey Investment Fund and the paths to investor choices.

- The importance of having the right network of experts for individuals who grow their personal net wealth.

- Why entrepreneurs need to be in love with how people use and need their products verses how they view their own products. If someone is not using a product or seeing their life as becoming better because of it, success will not come as easily.

Maxwell Nee is the Managing Partner of OENO Wine & Whisky Investment and Chairman of Family Office Association of Australia. He’s a multi-award-winning entrepreneur who earns his investors a recession-proof and market-beating return with wine & whisky alternative investments. He is active on LinkedIn and a great mind to add to your personal network.

Connect with Maxwell:

Website: http://oenowinewhiskyfund.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxwellnee/

Connect with Allison:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/allisonsummerschicago/

Website: DisruptiveCEONation.com

Twitter: @DisruptiveCEO 


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