Feb. 15, 2023

Episode 184: Richard Newman, founder of Body Talk: the Science of Communication

Episode 184: Richard Newman, founder of Body Talk: the Science of Communication

Richard Newman is a world-renowned communication expert and the founder of Body Talk: the Science of Communication, and he has a new book coming out in 2023 called Lift Your Impact. 

In this episode we headed over to London to hear how a trip to Katmandu and Tibetan monks shaped Richard’s future and influenced his work. 

Cool things we talked about with Richard: 

-     How body language and tone of voice can be used at a deeper, richer level than most people generally think about, to really convey and communicate and connect with other people. 

-     What leaders are looking for today in terms of training for themselves and their teams and how this ranges from public speaking to one-to-one interactions to becoming an effective storyteller and be able to do it in 30 seconds, just like a brilliant TV commercial. 

-     Engaging the survival mind, the emotional mind, and then the logical mind…and if you do not, people get cognitive fatigue. 

-     His book Lift Your Impact elevates the focus that we all need to think about intention towards others and the ability to lift up other people from a negative or a neutral state towards a more positive state by the time you leave the room 

Body Talk is the global leader in evidence-based training on the psychology of communication. They have created one of the largest academic studies on communication and influence in the world and commissioned peer-reviewed research to create award-winning programmes that shape the way the business world communicates. Over 22 years and across 45+ countries, they have partnered with the world’s biggest corporations to amplify the commercial power of every conversation, presentation, and event. 



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