Dec. 14, 2022

Episode 175: Russel Karim, Founder of Dhakai

Episode 175: Russel Karim, Founder of Dhakai

Russel Karim

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Russel Karim is a serial entrepreneur, programmer, and fashion supply chain, enthusiast. He launched Dhakai in 2021 and is building it to be the number-one platform for sustainable and ethical sourcing. Russel founded many companies while in college and beyond.

In 2018 Russel was recognized as 20 under 40 by the Courier newspaper for his leadership, community work, and business. He has received the 2019 Outstanding Immigrant Business Award from the National Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit. He has received the GOLD and Bold award from the University of Northern Iowa.

In our conversation we touch on:

  • Russel's journey as a serial entrepreneur who has gone from building his first tech platforms out of his dorm room to two successful exits and now onto tackling the supply chain in the apparel industry - 1 2 trillion dollar marketplace.
  • Why Dhaka is first connecting the world to manufacturers in Bangladesh - did you know it's the second largest clothing manufacturer in the world with 4.5 million people sewing every day?
  • How Dhaka's end-to-end platform connects apparel brands directly with verified manufacturers making sustainable and ethical sourcing more accessible and affordable.
  • His thoughts on why a startup founder must focus on financial models, customer research, and measure opportunities to cost.

Growing up in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Karim has seen the struggles of people who work in the fashion and apparel industry from the worker and manufacturing sides. Karim, launched in 2021 to transform the clothing supply chain. Currently, Dhakai employed over twenty employees in Des Moines, Iowa, and Dhakai, Bangladesh. Dhakai has transacted over $1.3 M in production through their platform. 

They work with over 50 prominent clothing brands and 500 manufacturers around the world. Dhakai has raised seven hundred thousand in venture capital funds to grow its business from Techstars, Pax momentum, and other prominent investors.

Be sure to check out Russel’s links listed below.  Enjoy the show!

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