Nov. 16, 2022

Episode 172: Navid Alipour, Founder and CEO, AI Med Global, San Diego, CA, USA

Episode 172: Navid Alipour, Founder and CEO, AI Med Global, San Diego, CA, USA

Navid Alipour

Navid Alipour is the Chief Executive Officer at AI Med Global, a company focused on Artificial Intelligence Technology that improves healthcare and helps save lives. AI Med Global is a roll-up of two companies Navid co-founded, CureMetrix and CureMatch. He is also a founder of an AI-focused VC fund, Analytics Ventures.


In our conversation, Navid explains:

  •   The critical way that CureMetrix harnesses AI to address women’s health releated to mamograms and inidicators for heart health.
  •   The use of intelligent data interpretation as a predictor for the best personalized cancer treatment care.
  •   His founders journey from being in the investment world to leading cutting edge medical companies.
  •   Insights as a business leader learned and what it means to him now as a partner at Analytics Ventures.

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Through the founding of multiple Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies, Navid is a long-time entrepreneur in the AI space with an emphasis on the convergence of AI and the life sciences, which is also called Wellness Science. He seeks to identify scientists and domain experts in their respective fields that are solving massive pain problems to take to market, by building companies from inception. While he is a VC and part of the founding of Analytics Ventures, he considers himself an entrepreneur at heart.


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