Aug. 24, 2022

Episode 159 Ziga Fajfar

Episode 159 Ziga Fajfar

Ziga Fajfar

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Show Notes

Disruptive CEO Nation Podcast with Allison K. Summers

Episode 159 Ziga Fajfar

Ziga is the co-founder of Flowout, an Unlimited Webflow design & development subscription service. From an early age, Ziga was always passionate about entrepreneurship. After discovering the power of coding, he joined one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in Slovenia straight after college where his career kicked off. With acquired knowledge and network, he went ahead and started multiple successful tech ventures.

As a developer, Ziga saw the opportunity in the no-code space where his coding background gives him a big advantage. No-code tools helped him create new products and prototypes faster and with ease. This led him to be more successful in testing the market, finding a product-market fit, and thus solving consumer problems

In our conversation, Ziga explains:

-          His partnership with his co-founders and how it took a few failures to finally achieve the right formula for the business they were destined to build.

-          The mission of Flowout, and how changing the pricing model to offer tiers of service and a subscription/retainer model was right for them and the customer. 

-          The vision of becoming a company that builds more products client-solutions products while still benefiting from being a services company business model.

Be sure to check out Ziga’s links listed below. Enjoy the show!

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