Aug. 17, 2022

Episode 158 Shriya Sekhsaria

Episode 158 Shriya Sekhsaria

Shriya Sekhsaria

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Show Notes Shriya Sekhsaria

Disruptive CEO Nation Podcast with Allison K. Summers

Episode 158 Shriya Sekhsaria

Shriya Sekhsaria runs Lumhaa: The Memory Jar Company, which helps people create and save memories together in "memory jars" (online folders/albums). Lumhaa was founded based on her award-winning research from Princeton which showed that even 10 minutes with memory jars made people happy -- it's one of the first social media platforms (if not the only social media platform) that shows statistically significant improvements in psychological well-being. Aside from powering users across 190 countries (and ranking in Apple's Top 50 Social Apps in 90 countries), her company has helped a few dozen artists in Indian villages find dignified income through their physical memory jar product orders. Shriya is 25, currently lives in India, and has won awards like 2021 Superwoman of the Year award (in association with the Indian Govt) and 2020 STEM Woman Entrepreneur of the Year (AWIS

In our conversation, Shriya explains:

  • Why Shriya decided to create her company Lumhaa, and how she built her company up to where it is today!
  • Why Shriya wanted to create a product that makes people happy and brings them joy.
  • The idea of design thinking, understanding from people and their needs.

Be sure to check out Shriya listed below.  Enjoy the show!

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