May 25, 2022

Episode 146, Josh Gilbert

Episode 146, Josh Gilbert

Josh Gilbert

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Disruptive CEO Nation Podcast with Allison K. Summers

Episode 146, Josh Gilbert

An entrepreneur and thought leader in geospatial analytics and climate tech, Josh Gilbert is Co-Founder and CEO at Sust Global. He has spoken on these topics at events such as COP26 in Glasgow, and has helped Fortune 500 companies, NGOs and the UK Government to integrate cutting edge climate technologies.  Sust Global’s mission is to democratize access to satellite-validated climate data, and Josh developed his idea for Sust Global through first-hand experience working with climate innovation and geospatial technology sets.

His previous experience includes his role as Environment and Resources Lead at Cleantech Group, go-to-market consulting at Orbital Insight, where he helped launch the market-leading Orbital Go product.


In our conversation, Josh explains:


  • Transforming climate complexity into business intelligence.
  • The climate risks Josh’s company looks into and how they help companies manage their supply chains through these risks. 
  • How Josh’s team operates and Sust Global’s company culture. 

Be sure to check out Josh’s links listed below.  Enjoy the show!

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