April 20, 2022

Episode 141 Jason Ash, CEO, Young Planet, UK

Episode 141 Jason Ash, CEO, Young Planet, UK

Jason Ash, CEO, Young Planet, UK

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Show Notes 

Disruptive CEO Nation Podcast with Allison K. Summers

Episode 141 Jason Ash, CEO, Young Planet, UK

Jason Ash is the CEO of a circular-economy app called Young Planet. The app encourages families to adopt a circular method of the giving and receiving used items. The app is free at the point of use and allows parents to upcycle unwanted clothes, toys, and other items.

The app is a tech tool, but it’s also a tool for making community connections. Young Planet is a for profit company, but Jason believes that brings aligned incentives and drive.

From being a professional rugby player to an outstanding leadership career as general manager and CEO for recognized brands, Jason is now on a mission to help individuals shift from depending on a linear economy to a circular economy mindset.

Highlights of our conversation include:

How the platform can be customized for corporations to support employees with CSR goals.

The strategic thought behind building an advisory board.

Thinking through why a company that is for goodshould be a non-profit or a commercial endeavor.

Securing VC support and crowd-funding rounds to speed up success.

Having trusted on-shore and off-shore business partners.

The future view of Young Planet and how there are no barriers to wide and expansive growth if they stay true to their mission.

Enjoy the show!

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