Jan. 19, 2022

EP 128: Eliane Luggasy, CEO & Co-founder Witco, Paris, France

EP 128: Eliane Luggasy, CEO & Co-founder Witco, Paris, France

Eliane Luggasy, CEO & Co-founder Witco, Paris, France

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Show Notes

Disruptive CEO Nation Podcast with Allison K. Summers

Episode 128 Eliane Luggasy, CEO & Co-founder Witco, Paris, France

Eliane Lugassy is CEO and co-founder of Witco. The company, based in Paris, offers a customizable web and mobile app enabling interactions between tenants and building managers, real-time data, and analytics to improve building maintenance and management, and user metrics to improve tenant satisfaction. The app is proving to be essential, especially with hybrid work expansion.

Wito clients and partners include multi-tenants, coworking spaces and managed residential buildings such as Amundi, Swiss Life, IPSEN, Guerlain, AXA IM, Covivio, BNP Paribas Real Estate, Union Investments and Unibail URW.

Witco is finalist of the PropTech Europe Awards 2020, winner of the Bouygues Viva Tech Award and has featured on the Wavestone Smart Building Startups since 2019.

In our conversation, Eliane shares her journey from studying business law and working in mergers and acquisitions to entering the entrepreneurial tech space.

Highlights include:

Lessons shared from self-financing to raising $14 million in Series A.

Starting in France, now in Spain, Germany, UK and moving to the U.S.

Company expansion starts with five team members in each country responsible for sales and marketing.

A key to success-hire people with skill sets that are better than yourself.

Continuing with self-improvements-networking, having a coach, and listening to podcasts.

The importance of having a team and running it properly to be successful.

Enjoy the show!

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