Nov. 24, 2021

EP 120 Brian Roland, Rounder and Social Entrepreneur

EP 120 Brian Roland, Rounder and Social Entrepreneur

Brian Roland

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Show Notes

Disruptive CEO Nation Podcast with Allison K. Summers

Episode 120 Brian Roland, Rounder and Social Entrepreneur

Brian Roland is a natural entrepreneur who immediately started by building new sales methods by looking for gaps and figuring out to fill them. Following that method, his first clients included the US Army, Walt Disney Company and Oracle.

Abenity, his privately funded company, co-founded with his brother, helps businesses large and small bring perks and benefits to employees and coordinates the complex partnerships on the backend. The technology handles data, privacy, changing tax rates, corporate compliance and more. 

The social mission for the business is a long-time partnership with World Vision that now exceeds $1-million in giving to fight extreme poverty. 

Highlights of our conversation include:

The incredible partnership with his brother and why it works.

Leading a remote team across 30 States.

How being a people first company contributes to its success.

The importance of giving teams a “why” and purpose, especially remote teams.

Recognizing when it was time to hire a CEO for the company he built.

Favorite resources to stay energized about business.

Enjoy the show!

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