Sept. 1, 2021

EP 108 Tess Cosad, CEO and Co-founder Bea Fertility, UK

EP 108 Tess Cosad, CEO and Co-founder Bea Fertility, UK

with Allison K. Summers

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The advancements of healthcare technology are changing the way people have accessibility and affordability to healthcare. Tess Cosad has tremendous insights into the disruptive health tech space. She is a FemTech founder based in the UK, the CEO and co-founder of Bea Fertility, a venture-backed startup which brings fertility treatment that’s affordable, safe and administered at home.

Tess previously founded Emberson Ventures, a B2B marketing agency specializing in tech sectors. She also created Hers By Design, a female-led, female-focused FemTech brand, and in 2018 was the first woman to lead a digital marketing-focused accelerator program in Saudi Arabia, on behalf of the Growth Velocity Academy.

In our conversation, Tess shares her passion for being able to solve anything that doesn’t strike her as fair, the behind-the-scenes work required in a startup, marketing insights and more. We discuss: 

·        The co-founder’s responsibility to sell and keep the vision.

·        Being a medical device company going direct to consumers.

·        Putting a spotlight on FemTech is necessary, but someday the focus should just be on healthcare.

·        Funding the pre-seed round and now ready to start the seed round.

·        Product positioning and strategic marketing based on market segmentation.

Enjoy the show!

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