March 10, 2021

EP 083 Aline Muylaert, Co-founder CitizenLab

EP 083 Aline Muylaert, Co-founder CitizenLab

with Allison K. Summers

Aline Muylaert is the co-founder of CitizenLab, a civic engagement platform. The software meets the need of local governments that want to connect with citizens digitally, in a safe and efficient way. CitizenLab’s technology allows increased transparency within governmental processes, and to engage citizens in policymaking. 150 local governments in over 50 countries currently use the software.

Aline is on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for social entrepreneurship. Her journey has so many lessons for entrepreneurs. We discussed:

·        Standing firm in your social mission while measuring both revenue and impact goals.

·        The need to digitize democracy to increase citizen engagement.

·        Harnessing AI for data aggregation to make data-driven decisions.

·        Having diverse teams and being aware of biases that can influence coding and products.

·        Start up funding, Impact VCs, and rapid expansion.

·        Building initial brand trust by piloting and sharing relatable, success stories.

Aline’s journey started like so many other entrepreneurs. She found a problem and set out to solve it. And then she found a way quickly to grow and monetize. I hope you’ll learn from her experiences.

Enjoy the show!

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