March 6, 2019

Darlinghurst Enterprises

Darlinghurst Enterprises

With Misha Kaura

Misha Kaura, PhD is a 26-year old, award-winning designer who creates made-to-measure and ready-to-wear apparel and accessories for women who know their worth. A pure bloodline descendent of the Kauravas, one of the two Indian founding families who later ruled over Punjab as royals until the Amritsar invasion, she is proud of her heritage. She is also a Chopra, of the cotton business and Indian politics, on her mother’s side. Misha’s design aesthetic is informed by her unique upbringing at the intersection of color, country, and culture. In addition to her training in law, management, and industrial engineering, she is a design specialist who apprenticed at Christian Dior Couture and studied the full spectrum of sculpture, fine arts, fashion, textile, embroidery, handbags, and fine jewelry. Her visual-spatial abilities help her to create from the big picture viewpoint of form, texture, geometry, and symmetry, and her quantitative insights allow her to merchandize, categorize, and customize colors, styles, and silhouettes onto individual clients. Her expertise is in dressing the over 35-year old woman in a flattering manner and her business objective is to level the playing field for older women.

Misha strives to translate her artistic creativity into commercial and cultural relevance, focusing on permanent designs that appreciate in value over time. To this end, hour-by-hour valuations of her Level 1 to 4 Swarovski crystal covered evening handbags may be tracked via The Handbag Stock on Instagram at @thehandbagstock. Level 5 and 6 handbags are restricted to made to measure clients only. All collaboration handbags with other designers and organizations are placed outside of the Level system and are sold exclusively via external websites and retail partners. In order to best serve clients and to protect their privacy, the Misha Kaura Club is an invite-only, exclusive shopping experience offered online and in person.

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