June 27, 2018

Canvas Pop

Canvas Pop

With Adrian Salamunovic

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Expert in PR. Public Relations and Growth Hacking. Founder of several multi-million dollar Internet 1000 retailers, including CanvasPop.com. Also launched top 1% iOS app PopKey. 500 Startups mentor. I can help you get massive exposure and launch your product right. I’ve been featured dozens of times in Techcrunch, Mashable, CNN, The Verge, WIRED and my products have appeared on CSI:NY, Today Show, Good Morning America, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and many more. I've helped my companies generate 100's of millions of free media impressions. I know how to help you get in front of the right journalists, at the right time with the right angle. I also will help you get traction quickly and generate revenue. I love working with and helping entrepreneurs like you kick ass.

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