Sept. 28, 2018

Argo Collective

Argo Collective

With Max Masure

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Max Masure (they/them) is a gender inclusion strategist and co-founder of Argo Collective. They train organizations to use creativity, empathy and collaboration to tackle gender inclusion challenges by helping them find actionable solutions for their own issues, combining the power of Design Thinking Methodology and their lived experience as a transgender nonbinary person.

They started their career working as a User Experience and Design lead, guiding Design Thinking workshops for an array of organizations, from startups to Fortune 50 companies. They led Design Thinking workshops for the innovation departments of Essilor and Johnson & Johnson, worked with Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse on award-winning mobile banking tools and co-created the first online therapy app, Talkspace, which has successfully helped thousands of individuals connect with an online support system.

At the time, they were perceived as a woman.

When they started to live their life authentically as a transgender nonbinary person, it shifted their entire world. They realized that they could be the change and solve gender inclusion issues using their very unique perspective in the society. That’s how they co-founded Argo Collective.

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